Melissa Mayer’s Wordy Google Homepage Defense

Before becoming a Vice President, Melissa Mayer used to be Google’s chief homepage officer and among other duties she answered support emails.

When they were making homepage updates a loyal Googler notified them each time the word count changed, culminating with “61, getting a bit heavy, aren’t we?”

The Google homepage now stands at 28 words, enforced by the Don’t Be Evil dynamic duo Larry Page and Sergy Brin.

The post title is very catchy, Mrs Mayer would be great at SEO link bait: What comes next in this series? 13, 33, 53, 61, 37, 28…

Not counting the title (which has 12 words) this post is 613 words. 613 words to tell us they vow to only make users read only 28.

Strunk & White wouldn’t be amused.


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