Microsoft AdCenter Affiliate Program To Be Reopened?

I have been promoting the Microsoft adCenter affiliate program since its inception, and made some great commissions off of it. After $900 in earnings promoting the Microsoft adcenter PPC program, the affiliate managers began changing service options, restricting usage, playing coy with their loyal affiliates, cancelling the program twice, and finally terminating all payouts in October 2008.

I received a final email from announcing the end of all payouts. However it leaves open the possibility of a new adcenter affiliate program in the near future.

Lets hope Microsoft returns to its senses and creates an incentive program for their contextual advertising property. Maybe MSN will launch it on – what a novelty to use a .com


September 11, 2008 v1.11

Windows Live OneCare To Be Set at $2.00 Payout
As previously announced, the payout for every US or CA based free trial of Windows Live OneCare will be lowered to $2.00 as of September 15, 2008 in order to extend the lifetime of the campaign. However, there will be additional promotions to come that will give you the opportunity to earn more, so stay tuned!

Window Live Toolbar Extends $2.50 Payout!
We are pleased to announce that the WIndows Live Toolbar $2.50 payout will extend through September for every unique, US-based installation. Be sure to log into the Affiliate Account Center to access all new banner ads and text links that will drive your customers to the enhanced landing page!

Update your promotions now to increase your conversions and take advantage of the limited-time payout opportunity of $2.50 through the end of September. After September, the payout will be set at $1.50.

adCenter Partner Program To Wrap Up In October
As you know, the adCenter Partner program stopped taking new sign ups on June 30, 2008, but has continued to pay on any of those sign ups that met the minimum spend requirement. October payouts will include the last earnings from the Partner program and then that program will be officially closed. Be on the lookout in October for your final payment. Thanks again for your participation in this initiative and we will be in touch as soon as we hear any details about a new version of the program.

Let Us Know Your Thoughts
We would love to hear your thoughts on our current programs, Windows Live OneCare and Windows Live Toolbar. What is working? What is not working? What would be helpful for you to be succesful? This input from you is vital for us to continue to optimize these programs to ensure they are where you need them to be. Please send your comments, questions and feedback to .

General Updates

* Commission: August commissions will be delayed this month. We are working to process and send out checks as quickly as possible. We will have an update for you next week.

Melissa Wit
Affiliate Manager
Microsoft Affiliate Network

Voice: 727.324.0185
Fax: 313.447.2398


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