Finally! The Microsoft Adcenter Affiliate Program

Logo-AdcenterMicrosoft has launched the Adcenter Affiliate Program where they will pay you for new live advertising adcenter signups. The affiliate program seems to be a bit unfocused, it never states the payout, and the admin area is quite sparse. To be honest, when I stumbled upon this a few weeks ago I thought it was a joke, this affiliate program doesn’t seem to have much resources behind it.

MSN tries to get you to promote Windows Live Toolbar and Windows Live OneCare but these payout .50 for every download by customers in the US only. Forget about these and go for the gold, the AdCenter affiliate program at

The comission rate is not listed, but I have been earning $35 per signup. Conversions are awesome, over 50% for me!

Sign in to with your Windows Live ID or Passport account (throws a security warning screen for me in Firefox). The affiliate manager is Jessica Lee at 727-324-0185 who is really nice and answered a few questions about the program for me. The area code is 727 which is in Florida, the opposite end of the country from Redmond Washington where Microsoft is based. Is MS distancing themselves from this live affiliate program? You will need to send in a unique w-9 form.

my current adcenter December stats

msn adcenter report
adCenter is the advertising platform that enables businesses to create, manage and optimize search marketing campaigns to targeted buyers made up of 99 million search users on the MSN and Live Search Network. Search marketing is one of the most cost-effective and efficient marketing vehicles available to help small and mid-sized companies grow their business.

I just realized that MSN has unique capitalization of their advertising network. Note the lowercase A and uppercase C in adCenter. Very web 2.0 of you Microsoft, way to jump on the new internet trend that started in 2005!

To signup go to

*note you need to fax your W-9 to the microsoft affiliate manager Think Partnership, Inc. Kowabunga! Division

fax to 313.447.2398


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  1. Dmitri I’d be happy to answer questions about Microsoft Adcenter affiliate conversions.

    My adCenter conversions have been down over 50% since the new format was created in April.

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