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With the advent of Graham Langdon’s people are jumping on the wiki money making bandwagon. It seems like a safe bet with the original Million Dollar Wiki having an incredibly strong start. Graham has created a new online market using the free mediawiki code and I think its a great idea. is an great source for reasonably commercial free information, and the Million Dollar Wiki is a source for marketing and commercial information. There is no ambiguity what kind of content you will find at either website, and this is good for users.

As the original JohnChow reports, JohnCow sold the domain name, but there are a lot of wiki currency domains still available. – registered 7/29/07
* – registered 8/23/07 – registered 8/20/07 – available – available – available – available – registered 10/1/07 – registered 10/1/07 – available – available – available – available – registered 9/25/07 – available – available – available – available – available – registered 8/15/07 – available – available – registered 6/6/07 – available – available – registered 9/13/07 – available – available – available – available – available – available

*note, if I did not include your coutry, It’s not because I don’t love you or you aren’t important, I’m just too tired to lookup all ~200 countries.

Why did I research all the names and post them for a domain name squatter entrepreneur to purchase? Variations abound. I have a lot of other projects and obligations, and at this point it’s more fun to be on the sidelines watching this unfold (along with John Lampard, Matt Jones and Angel ). The original MDW has an excellent, passionate marketer behind it and it should be a resounding success. However, like the, I think the marketplace will only support one website, and it will be the first player in the game.

There’s no reason not to try your hand at the money wiki table, with the right skills you could produce a winner!

*update* – use the code cvos to receive a $5 discount when signing up for the MillionDollarWiki.


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