Openads Rebrands Openx

ad serving softwareOpen Sesame – Open ads the company formerly known as PHPAdsNew now has renamed itself openx. Along with 20 million dollars in fiancing and former AOL CEO Jonathan Miller has joined as chairman of
Open X is the most popular adserver solution online with 30,000 publishers using the software on 100,000 sites in 140 different countries and in 20 languages.

Personally I find the ad server backend interface to be extremely clumsy and non intuitive – it has remained virtually unchanged since I first used it in 2001.

I’m willing to bet (We’re not investors) that the administrative interface for banner ad management will be improved in version 3.0. The current openads version is 2.4.4

One immediate benefit from the $20 mil is a nice redesign, there are colored balloons in the header that presents an image of a kids birthday party.

colored balloons


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