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PRWeb sets the standard for building online visibility by distributing your news through the largest online news distribution network. From the smallest business to the Fortune 500, PRWeb has helped more than 40,000 organizations maximize their online visibility. Our online visibility packages will help you attract new customers, increase sales, drive visitors to your website, and get publicity for your business.

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This must be the largest company in Ferndale, a rural town near where I went to university. The town is small enough to have less than 10 traffic lights, and depending on the wind you can smell the nearby dairy farms. It is also the headquarters of the largest semi automated press release organization in the world.

PRWeb helped customers achieve more than 77 million impressions of their news across the web in January 2010. Hopefully you will be responsible with this service and only send out relevant, informative and helpful information. Please don’t use this powerful service to spam the news indexers with unimportant info.

Your 10% PRweb discount code only works with new accounts. If you have more promo codes please share them below with the community.


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45 Responses

  1. An attention-grabbing dialogue is valueable for online pr and generates lots of comments. I believe that it is best to write extra posts exclusively for PRweb.

  2. i didn’t agree with the way people spam their content through this pr service, nevertheless i did enjoyed the event and learned a lot of news SEO.

  3. Yesterday, while I was at work, i created a social link bait piece and tested it to see if it can survive a huge traffic spike from prweb. We also created a video so our site can be a youtube sensation. My server is now destroyed and has 83000 views. I know hat using prweb was a huge benefit to our site.

  4. I was told on a forum, if you sign up and have no account activity that you will start receiving prweb coupons in your email from them. Not sure if its true.

    Thanks for sharing.

  5. I am writing a paper on press release techniques and I found this post to be very helpful and informative.

  6. Are you guys having difficulties with hosting press releases on pr web? I needed to update the page to get my submissions in.

  7. I see you have a really good well written PR guide right here, I hope this will work on my music site.

  8. We saw a deal to Get a Free Apple iPad by using this press release service but were skeptical of all the offers they required us to complete.

  9. I have done a research on internet marketing conferences and the topic of pubcon always comes up. I wish we were closer to Vegas.

  10. This is a useful post about PRweb, but I was wondering how do I get my articles into Google News?

  11. I don’t usually attend conferences, but I’s go to pubcon in a heartbeat. I enjoyed your SEO blog a lot, thanks alot for the great read.

  12. We have used PR web in the past but may not use it in the future unless their content relevancy increases. There is just a signal to noise ratio that is too low.

  13. this was a really helpful PRweb article and the coupon is a godsend. I’d like to see them offer more discounts to loyal users hint hint…

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