Pubcon or Search Engine Strategies? Tough Gambling Decisions


This year the 2 premier SEO conferences, PubCon and Search Engine Strategies Chicago are in the same week. What is a dedicated SEO to do?

Search Engine Roundtable lists the pros and cons:

  • Weather: PubCon Wins. Chicago in the winter is cold
  • Venue: PubCon Wins. Vegas is a lot more fun than Chicago, but Chicago is great
  • Business Opportunities: SES Wins. I am pretty sure there is a more money to be made at SES
  • Networking Fun: PubCon Wins by a bit. While Danny Sullivan has to be at SES, the SEM community is a bit more loyal to PubCon. But since the business opportunities are the advantage of SES, I suspect this will shake things up
  • Educational Experience: About Even

I have to say that the educational experience may be better at PubCon as the less structured more renegade environment promotes more discussion and information sharing. Many SEO’s use this event to out do each other and promote themselves as the top online marketers. In the process a lot of top quality search engine marketing strategies are revealed.

A preliminary vote shows Pubcon ahead by a 3 to 1 margin.

I’ll see you at PubCon.


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