Webmasters Purchasing Google Adwords Accounts with High Quality Scores

I recently received an interesting unsolicited email looking to purchase used Google Adwords accounts. This individual is hoping that users with trusted PPC accounts will let him buy a good Quality Score and receive lower cost per click charges for his online gambling websites.

It is unlikely that anyone would want to sell an aged Adwords account, but this demonstrates that everything online has value, even a free Google PPC account.

Good morning,

I am looking buy old google adwords accounts an can pay $300 per account. Do you have any that you are willing to sell?

Ideally I am looking for…

Has been opened over 3 months

A budget spend of over $100 – $200 a day for some time

Account has less than 10 disapproved ads.

Account has not run any forbidden adverts.


Player Account Manager


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