25% Of Daily Keyword Searches Are Unique

herb garden at google The most interesting quote from search engineers was from Google’s Udi Manber who stated that 20 to 25% of the queries that Google sees in any given day are queries that they have never seen before.

A quarter of all DAILY searches are unique! The next time a client asks to be ranked for a particular set of predefined keywords I will point them to this article. SEO clients: your potential customers are searching for word combinations you have never thought of using. The way to capture these long tail searches is by having a lot of varied content on your site.

If you sell herbs, have content pages that focus on growing herbs, Chinese herbs, herbs in foods, herbs in tea herb gardens, herbs as vitamin replacements, herb clothing, herb decorations. If you are feeling adventurous and want to test your luck create pages of herb the comicbook character, herbie the lovebug, attack of the killer herbs, George Herbert Walker Bush etc.

Photo of Herbology at Google’s outdoor hydroponics facility (sic)


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