Quick Tips to Optimize Press Releases for Search Engines

Assuming the basics of developing a press releases for release on the web are known, here are a few quick tips to keep firmly in mind to have the most positive impact on SEO.

Press Release Optimization Tips

  • Don’t use too many keywords or keyword phrases in one press release. Keeping focused on 1 to 3 is best to keep the press release from becoming diluted with too many phrases and will help search engines pick up the words and phrases you want them to find.
  • Be sure to use the most important and relevant keyword in the title of the press release.
  • Keep the press release information oriented, feature packed and with a minimal pitch. A press release that is nothing but an unbelievable sales pitch for your product will go nowhere, and will never be featured on news websites.
  • Include rich media in your PR. Photos, videos and audio clips will make your content go far. News websites are hungry for original content that people engage with, and the most sought after pieces are those with photos and video. Given the choice, a publication will use a media press release over a standard text press release.
  • Promote your news release online with PRweb, and reach thousands of websites for a few hundred dollars. Getting in newspapers is difficult and time consuming, but this service gives you a near automatic listing. How valuable is it to have your article show up in Yahoo news, CNN, the Wall Street Journal and the LA Times? This is worth 100 times more than the cost of the press release submission service.

After you create your specialized press release, submit it to the wires with aggressive promotion. PRweb is our online promotion agent of choice, and we have a special deal with them for PRweb coupon codes that dramatically increase affordability of your marketing efforts.

In the past year we have submitted dozens of optimized press releases and have had website traffic increase 10%, which we can directly attribute to this effort. Press release marketing has helped us gain exposure in nationally recognized publications, and the lasting effect of the permanent links has been a huge boost to SEO.

Try submitting a press release, we bet it will increase your traffic as well.


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  1. We are a group of volunteers and opening a new system in our community, will sending out press releases help us gain new members?

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