Quick Tips to Optimize Press Releases for Search Engines

This post will show you how to create a press release that will appeal to readers and help your SEO efforts. We use these strategies every day to bring in a huge amount of targeted traffic for ourselves and select clients.

Press releases can play a big role in strengthening SEO and raising page rankings. The best way to optimize SEO through PR is to start by doing any press release well and correctly to ensure it will be most effective.

Developing a Press Release for Optimal SEO Impact

When to write a Press Release
First, and perhaps most importantly, have something meaningful to say. Seriously. People sometimes feel excited to share something they feel is newsworthy, but it’s important to remain objective and only issue press releases when it will be something with depth.

For example, theoretically you could issue a press release to announce the purchase of a new desk for your office, but it’s not going to be very interesting or valuable to anyone. It’s important to provide relevant, useful information with press releases and in all PR efforts.

The Main Elements of a Press Release

Once you’ve determined you have information worthy of a press release be sure to include the basic elements and keep things well-written and concise. Having a good base and solid foundation is essential to maintaining credibility with readers and be accepted by the strict formats of news organizations.

Some important basic items every press release should have:

  • The date
  • A contact person with e-mail and phone
  • Headline
  • Basic overview of the story/announcement
  • Company/organization/person’s boilerplate at the end of the press release

Optimizing press releases for SEO

To enhance press releases for SEO there are several components to utilize to your advantage:

  • A variety of images, pictures, links or video
  • Targeted Keywords with appropriate density
  • Keywords linked to your topic pages
  • Citations that mention your company name several times.

Assuming the basics of developing a press releases for release on the web are known, here are a few quick tips to keep firmly in mind to have the most positive impact on SEO.

Press Release Writing Guidelines

  • Don’t use too many keywords or keyword phrases in one press release. Keeping focused on 1 to 3 is best to keep the press release from becoming diluted with too many phrases and will help search engines pick up the words and phrases you want them to find.
  • Be sure to use the most important and relevant keyword in the title of the press release.

Once the press release is in the required format and marked up with the correct HTML, submit it to PRweb and other online press release distribution outlets.

If you would like more information about how we generate tens of thousands of dollars per month using SEO and PR please contact us.


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  1. The basics of a press release, a clear, concise post. So many times I read a press release relating to my industry that is nothing but fluff and no substance. I wish that they could read this post first!

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