Search Engine Optimization Tools and Firefox Extensions for SEO

This is a resource of websites, Firefox extensions for SEO and competitive intelligence.

Find extensions and tools to help in organic SEO campaigns.

SEO Tools

  • SEO for Firefox – firefox plugin that provides data to inline search queries
  • SEOpen – SEO Firefox Extension providing multiple search tools aggregated in one place including yahoo backlinks, keyword density, headers and page rank.
  • SearchStatus – firefox plugin that provides detailed ranking stats for any website. allows you to see how any and every website in the world is performing and the only tool i have seen that uses data from SEOmoz and linkscape. Check Mozrank using this firefox addon.
  • KeywordSpy – good keyword research tool provides data on competitors keyword rankings and PPC spend. Competitive intelligence on keywords.
  • Market Samurai – desktop based Adobe Air app which uses the Google Adwords API to parse keyword data and give options for keyword spend and natural search engine optimization campaigns. This has a different interface than adwords and more options to help you make good use of lots of keyword research.
  • Majestic SEO – Provides a very large backlink and anchor text database. Competitive Link Intelligence tool allows you to find data on the sites that link to you and your competitors.

SERP Rank Checkers

  • link assistant – Desktop Client based software program with lots of rank checking features
  • authoritylabs – easy to use web based tool offers 10 free keywords. Nightly ranking updates
  • RankChecker – another tool by Aaron Wall of SEO Book that provides quick checking in the SERP’s. check your website rankings in Google (US and international), Yahoo, and Microsoft Bing.

There are other search engine optimization tools available, but these are heavily used and will help your natural search campaigns by providing clear data on the direction of online marketing. Focus on the right keywords and you have won half the search engine battle.


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  1. Super firefox advice, I will give this a go for one of my dating sites. Thank you Its good of you to document the SEO plugins. I’ll get there lol.

  2. I would use google chrome if they had better webmaster extensions like firefox. Hopefully the Chrome developer community will catch up.

  3. I was on holidays when I noticed that you had referenced my site here. I did not have access to my e-mail and I began hoping for several comments to moderate when I got home. (Actually, I had better admit that I was hoping for LOTS!) When I got home, I was surprised at my disappointment when I discovered there were NO comments to moderate.

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  5. This SEO blog is freakkin sweet. I think im gonna stick around and read one of your posts about how to maximize twitter firefox extensions.

  6. Good post about firefox toolbar extensions for SEO. This is one of my favorite topics, very few good writers out there.

  7. I liked the SEO tools post and your writing style. I’m adding your marketing guide to my RSS recommended list.

    Greetings from Tim. 🙂

  8. Directories are very popular and are widely used by people as a link building source, and when used in conjunction with keyword research tools they can provide a great ranking boost.

  9. Thank you for another great post about SEO tools. I’m an online marketer myself and new SEO information always seems to get my business acumen piqued.

  10. This may be more information then you’re looking for, but you can find Google’s recommendations on how to do Google SEO for your site here: It’s a pretty long document (22 pages) but it tells you everything that you need to know about SEO.
    The first thing you need to figure out is (a) what are people looking for. After you’ve got this figured out, then it’s time to write lots of articles, and post them all to your website. After you’ve got 10-15 pages, then it’s time to get back-links. The easiest ways are:
    1. to write and submit press releases
    2. post your (modified articles to blog and article submission sites). Make sure you link to yourself.

    Once you’re got everything in the PDF completed, then it becomes a matter of writing more content, and getting more back-links. If you get tired, you can always get someone like us to help – you’ll find that good SEO companies will charge $600+ per month.

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