SEO In 2 Words

2 Many people have posted about search engine optimization and what it means to them. Using the meaning search engine optimization as better ranking in online properties (including major search engines, social networks and directories).

Some can define SEO in 1 sentence

from Stuntdubl: (Content + structure) x exposure x time x links = increased traffic and success
Unique, readable content with targetted keywords in title tag and many incoming links

SEO is getting more and more common and the average webmaster likely has a basic understanding about how to optimize their site, but struggles to get better ranking. SEO It is like a secret that everybody knows, but only the best can execute.

Some experts micro-analyze the subject of SEO while others prefer a simpler method of brute force.

Dave Naylor has said that SEO is all about figuring out what the search engines want, and then giving it to them until they bleed. I think this is a bit aggressive, but the premise can work.

To make the simple things simple, I will define the technique of SEO in one sentence: ‘getting your pages/site rank high in search engine‘.

I can outline it in 2 words:

Text and Links (adding a dose of Social Media)

Yes, all you need to have a successful website is tons of pages with well written text and copious links pointing to you.

Sound easy? Through trial and error any webmaster can become an efficient SEO, however this requires hours and hours of time writing content and requesting links. 

What is your best method for doing SEO?


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  1. I have been reading about new engagement based search algorithms and some of your stories and it’s pretty nice stuff for fast ranking.

  2. Search engine optimization is a subject can be easily undestood and get to the ‘mediocre stage’ (by understanding few principles), but really hard to get to the ‘master stage’.

    Constant search engine algorithm update (as mentioned above), and the lightning quick changing pace of the internet makes it really difficult to rank high consistently.

    The best rule of thumb, is always, write good, no I mean, great content. That beats any sort of link building campaign or any seo compaign. 😀

  3. SEO was new to me last week but because I have been attending a SEO seminar for the last 4 days in KL, I know alot about search engine optimization our websites.

    The SEO expert I am learning from also confirmes the formula you have given there as Good and Applicable.

    Sites require optimization in written web content, local domain name, file name for pages, internal linking, external linking, and the list goes on.

    Submit to top PR rank directories and wait for about 3-6 months.

    May Ong

    I am re-designing my website now to SEO friendly too.

  4. That’s a great definition too, Rizky.

    Yes, I agree with you all that not everyone can do SEO well. But my point is, any average webmaster that do their research right, understand the basic principles of SEO, with time and persistence, can get their site ranks pretty good in search engine.

    Thanks for all the comments, guys. Really appreciate it 🙂

  5. “I do not agree that every average webmaster knows how to optimize their site to get better ranking.”

    i couldn’t agree more.

    i can even say that the problem is worse for indonesian webmasters.

    here we have two basic problems. the high internet cost and the lack of english language skills. these two issues prevents lots of webmaster from getting access to the latest trends and web technologies.

    pity…but i kinda like this situation. less competitors for me 😛

    anyway, SEO/SEM for me is:

    “marketing to people who really needs and actively searching for your products”

  6. Your definitions are very good 🙂

    But I do not agree that every average webmaster knows how to optimize their site to get better ranking. In fact as the competition is increasing day by day, and search engines constantly modify their algorithms to prevent spamming, so it is increasingly becoming difficult to get your site on the top page for your keywords.

  7. “Unique, readable content with targetted keywords in title tag and many incoming links”

    I really liked that, thats what I have been stressing to our clients, that they should rather focus on writing good quality content instead of asking me to do some magic with their site.

    One thing i don’t agree upon is the fact that SEO is something everyone can perform. As you can see on the Internett, there are SEO experts and alot of Wannabe’s. I reccomend to keep away from the tips Wannabee’e give ya.

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