How Much Money Do SEO Consultants Make

In business everything comes down to cost, and everyone likes to know how much money search engine optimization services will cost them. I think the SEO consultants themselves are more interested in what their fellow colleagues are charging and hoe much money SEO’s really make each year.

The main reason for this post is to illustrate to prospective clients the value of SEO services and what market prices are for search engine optimization. These individuals are some of the most well known SEO’s and tops in the field. There are many others who deserve to be listed here.

SEO Consulting Cost:

Aaron Wall $500/hr
Andy Hagans $5,995 per linkbait campaign
Eric Ward $500/hr
ShoeMoney Jeremy Schoemaker* $2500/hr
Michael Gray $400/hr
Randfish Rand Fishkin $1000/hr
Todd Mailicoat $500/hr
Jill Whalen $6000 Site Audit
Scott Smith + Aaron Wall $1200 1.5 hours
Lyndon Antcliff $280 1 hour
Stoney deGeyter $250 1 hour
Gabriel Goldenberg $197 1 hour $7500 engagement 20,068 for a review

* Jeremy doesn’t actually provide search engine optimization services and hates to be called an SEO. I saw this several months ago and think it is quite comical because for $2500 he clearly is not trying to provide this service, only to illustrate the value of his time.

Important Note: these are figures I have found (or attempted to remember) from reading the top SEO blogs online. If you wish to be included here please contact me and i will add your site and link. If you are listed here and do not want to be please let me know.


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