Well Crafted Press Releases Generate Search Engine Traffic and Improve SEO

Writing and distributing an effective press release is a very cost-effective way for businesses to raise their profile and educate their target audiences about their products or services.

In a web-based world, a professionally written and promoted press release can boost a company’s profile, the awareness or understanding of what the business does/offers, and ultimately its SEO performance and website traffic — all for a lot less than the cost of traditional advertising campaigns.

Any sized business can profit from the advantages of distributing a press release — it’s not just for large companies with a PR department anymore — especially if the press release is developed by a professional and is submitted to a leading press release website like PRWeb.com.

Having the press release written by an experienced public relations person means the professional can ensure all the proper information for an announcement is included in the press release in the most credible, attention-getting and useful way.

Additionally, submitting the press release to online distribution sites like PRWeb gives the announcement the instant advantages of appearing on an established press release website to be seen by hundreds of media professionals. They also syndicate the release to hundreds of news organizations and websites. Try the service out risk free with our discount coupon for prweb.

These quality websites this article will appear on increases the possibility for a company’s press release to be picked up in the target areas helpful to its business, generating publicity, awareness, and credibility. When stories are written about the announcement or the press release is re-published and linked to on other quality websites related to a company’s services, it increases SEO performance and website traffic by providing more citations, mentions and links from authority websites that boost ranking in the search results.

Like people, press releases need to make a good first impression since the busy reporters, editors and potential customers reading them don’t have the time to review every announcement in detail.

First and foremost, press releases should only be distributed when there is an announcement, event, or news item worth writing about. While something may be exciting news to a company, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s also interesting and/or useful to the general public and to the content of the websites on which the company would like to be featured.

Thus something that isn’t newsworthy, which is something a seasoned public relations person can help determine, is most likely to be ignored by the people viewing it, rendering a press release submitted through PRWeb ineffective at best, and annoying at worst.

Once a company does have a newsworthy item, a public relations person can then put their knowledge to work writing the most effective press release possible and including strategic links, photos and videos which increases its chances of being picked up by news organizations and websites valuable to the business.

Experienced press release writers will put the most important information right up front in the headline, sub-headline (if there is one) and first paragraph, communicating the key information quickly and concisely to the time-crunched reader.

They will also use the most important and relevant keywords for the company’s business that will not only communicate important concepts directly and effectively, but will also help impact and increase SEO performance for the chosen keywords.

In addition to ensuring standard press release items such as contact information, release date, and a company “boilerplate” background/overview at the end, knowledgeable public relations professionals often include quotes from key company personnel or from outside experts that help provide context and importance to the announcement as well as increase the visibility of the press release and its odds of being picked up by media and related industry websites.

The power of a thoughtfully-developed, well-crafted press release can help boost search engine traffic for long-term exposure. The SEO benefit of the timely, keyword-rich content and backlinks placed on external trusted websites make press releases a long-lasting tool every business should use to enhance their SEO and overall web marketing strategy.


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  1. I’m curious to find out what backlink system you’re working with? I’m experiencing some minor web ranking issues with my latest website and I would like to find something more safe to use to get quality links – Do you have any recommendations?

  2. I think online marketing planning, investing in social media and especially in the mainstream press is the future of seo.

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