Starting Salaries Of Top Technology Companies: Apple, Google, Microsoft, Facebook

roman salary was salt Here is information on the starting salaries of large technology companies. These tech salary ranges are based on informal observations and anecdotal evidence online.

These starting pay options are from people who have received full-time offers from the company in question, and these figures are approximate. They are for beginning programmer positions.

All companies are notorious for being incredibly secretive about employee pay and do not publish salary ranges. These pay scales were taken from interviews, online forums, job boards and salary aggregators.

Microsoft Starting Salary
Around $90,000 per year on average, can dip as low as $80,000. Typically comes with $50,000 worth of stock over four years.

Google Starting Salary
The standard for large US offices and the Mountain View location is about $100,000/year. This is scaled based on where you live, with a lower salary for areas that have a lower cost of living. Stock grants are between $45k and $71k over a four year vesting period. can give bonuses of $45,000 per year or more in addition to base pay

Apple Starting Salary
Engineers at apple start at around $90,000 per year with potential cost of living allowances. An average yearly cash bonus of $6000 and around $9000 in stock, placed in your own eTrade account.

Apple offers 25% discounts on all products but is incredibly difficult to get into. Apple is one of the best companies at hiring brilliant, passionate, hip and upbeat people. People at Apple love the company, and it shows in their work. Rumor says that if you see a suit on the 1 Infinite Loop campus, it is guaranteed they are from out of town.

Amazon Starting Salary
Amazon programmers start at about $87,000/year, and the starting salary is pretty standard. Not a lot of room for negotiation. You could receive between $40,000 and $50,000 worth of stock options over 4 years, with a non-uniform vesting period. The longer you stay employed at, the more stock options you get.

Facebook Starting Salary
Facebook starts engineers pay at around $85,000-$90,000/year. The stock options are between 8,000 and 10,000 restricted stock units over four years. This potentially could be worth more than $200,000 if secondary market prices of $28/share continue to hold.

Fun Fact
The word salary comes from the latin word for salt, which was the currency used to pay some Roman soldiers.

Salary image from lsned.

If you have more details about job pay at top tech companies please let us know in the comments. We would love to help programmers and tech specialists know what they should expect to make in the Silicon Valley or elsewhere.


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  1. Those who are amazed by these salaries should realize that a so-so 800-sq-ft apartment rents for about $2500/month and requires a commute of about 1/2 hour each way. These engineers work 50 hours a week most of the time, with crunch periods requiring upwards of 60 hours a week. So factor that in when you think of these salaries as “high”, they’re really just normalized for the area’s high cost of living and the enormous amounts of work demanded at most of these firms.

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  5. I would like to thank you for the attempts you’ve made to show us how much we can earn at the top Silicon Valley companies, I would love to work at

  6. Intimately, the companies listed here are really the greatest on the earth, and we would be honored to work at any of them at any salary.

  7. This website really is extraordinary to list the salaries of these huge tech firms. I love reading it however, I cry when I compare them with my earnings.

  8. Microsoft® Hosting center has starting salaries of about $99,000 per year, which is pretty good for new engineers.

  9. I was just seeking this information about silicon valley tech salaries for some time. I wonder what is the lack of Google strategy to not pay their employees as much as apple, they rank ther own types of web sites in top of the list and play favorites with their own online properties.

  10. Financial, intellectual and physical commitment combine to masquerade as emotional commitment. These are the largest companies in the world, and they should pay their employees better.

  11. I’ve been exploring high quality companies and the way they attract top talent through articles or weblog posts – earning 250,000k is not uncommon at Google.

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  13. Wow! I sure would love to have started in one of those companies. thanks for aggregating this info of silicon valley salaries and for the informative illustration about the origins of the word salary.

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