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Conversion testing and landing page optimization is a never ending job. It is a challenge to get the best converting webpage and we love testing different versions to see what works best.

Below is a landing page test of a software sales page with real world results. See if you can choose the winning version.

landing page test

Click to see a larger versions: landing page A, landing page B

One landing page version increased 7-day free trial software downloads by 85%. The company used Visual Website Optimizer to conduct this A/B test on its product tour page. The test results reached a 97% confidence level.

The winning landing page featured an authoritative quote at the top compared with a generic ‘Features and Benefits’ description. It also showed product screenshots as large thumbnails with descriptive, hand-written notes in the margins, giving it a personal feel and a human touch.

Version A won even though its Download button was below the fold at the bottom of the page.

We might make conversion testing a weekly feature on this blog, it is very important for online success.

Read the full test results at Which Test Won.


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  1. My partner and i have continually seen that a majority of people are eager to improve website conversions, but fail to do proper testing.

  2. I recognize the opinions on CRO and user behavior information site can help our Premier Partners Group site bring in more leads.

  3. I dont suppose Ive read something like this before about granular testing of conversion optimized landing pages.

  4. It is Extremely difficult to create posts that convert well. I be taught one thing completely new on totally different blogs and the conversions varied widely. A course explaining best practices for information presentation is needed.

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