The Definition of Optimization

Stuntdbl rants about search engine optimization and notes that most SEO’s talk, blog, complain and pontificate about optimization instead of actually doing the work necessary to get pages good placement.

From his site:

Optimal is the best case scenario in any given set of circumstances.
Optimized is creating a site that gives users and bots what they are looking for realtime, and IS an ongoing process (show me a site that has too much content or too many links…I dare you.)

Yes search engine optimization is an ongoing task, and the best sites add new information daily. Just like Todd created a compelling blog post, getting people like me to link to it, successful websites will create pages that attract and inspire their audience and are link magnets.

SEO is not voodoo – it is making informed decisions based rules and experience and applying them to complicated sets of variables to create a process and strategy that has the highest likelihood of success, and adjusting the marketing strategy quickly and effectively as new information becomes available.

Speaking of making adjustments based on what new information and analyzing your competition, Derek Edmond shows us how Bill Belichick of the New England Patriots optimized his information gathering strategy. While this is a decidedly blackhat technique, It was stunningly effective. I don’t recommend blackhat SEO in general, or spying on your competitors in particular, but the more information you have the more informed choices you can make.

SEO’s don’t work in a vacuum – which is why it is important to let your SEO know about your strategies and implementation… proper SEO is about more than meta tags and anchor text

So to be successful in SEO just do more actual content creation that is targeted towards your audience. It is easy to discern good writing from bad, and people will always come back to your site if it is well written and interesting. This is the optimal result of a well done website.


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  1. Thanks for referencing our site. We are not condoning “black hat” techniques either and I hope that the Belichick post did not convey that.

    I would say that in highly competitive markets, the players in those markets may look at all possible avenues to gain an advantage. And sometimes that means breaking rules or guidelines. That’s what I was inferring in the Patriots comparative.

    That being said, a little competitive analysis should be an essential ingredient in an online marketing campaign – that I would recommend.

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