Top 10 Web Properties and Social Video Growth

Here are the top 10 web properties for February 2008 according to

Global top 10 sites

  1. Yahoo
  2. you tube
  3. google
  4. windows live
  5. MSN
  6. myspace
  7. facebook
  8. hi5
  9. wikipedia
  10. orkut

US top 10 sites

  1. Google
  2. Yahoo
  3. myspace
  4. youtube
  5. facebook
  6. windows live
  7. ebay
  8. wikipedia
  9. MSN
  10. craigslist

What is impressive about these sites is the forus on social interaction and collaboration. In addition to retrieving information (from search engines) users are now uploading information to reference websites such as Wikipedia and social sites such as facebook. Neither of these sites would exist without user generated content, unlike yahoo, google, MSN etc.

user generated video market growth
user generated videouser generated video market growthuser generated video market growth
Video and social networking is huge. The web is becoming a place to interact with friends, make personal connections and keep in touch with contacts.
Video and user generated content is taking over. Web users are consuming online videos at an exponentially increasing rate. The market is forecast to grow at 52% in 2008, and reach 34 billion views. YouTube added 831,147 videos to its library in 2007.

To improve your chances of being noticed: blog, create videos, podcasts and continually update website content.

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  1. While hi5 maintains its strong hold in Central America, it faces tough competition in Asia from many social networking sites. comes in first ten ranking in

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