Truly Funny Microsoft Search Ads

These MSN live search videos from Great Britain are 100x better than the MSN Live search Microsoft adcenter videos.

These videos showcasing search have real humor and are truly entertaining.

I like the MSN search tagline: Search is changing… are you?

Video: Live Search 1 – Plucky powered skates. British man’s eco-friendly scooter is powered by “his wife’s disappointment.” He goes to the Petrol station when his wife’s disappointment runs out, but is encouraged by the upcoming visit of his mother in law who will “give me enough disappointment to get me to China and back”. Without Microsoft Multi-Map Harry would have to rely on his wife telling him where to go.

Video: Live Search 4 – The hunt for saucy hotel snaps. Oh look. A Mr. G Swanson from Hemel Hempstead has just requested an image of the Hilton Hotel in Paris without any clothes on….

Video: Live Search 2 – Meet Malcolm Dewsbury.

Video: Live Search 5 – Fancy a picnic darling? “Was that tin labeled potato or … poison?” “Having realized they’re just about to die, there’s time for one last cigarette.”

here is a full list of the Microsoft live video ads. Warning: MSN video is drastically slower than

One usability rant about these microsoft search video technology Soapbox: they are cumbersome to use. Just getting the embed clip for these videos took too long and was not intuitive like YouTube. MSN tries way too hard to trick you into visiting their website, including nearly forceing clicks. And spamming the link in embed code? Really microsoft, trying your hand at link stuffing to increase your pagerank?


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