5 of the Most Successful Twitter Accounts that Your Business Should Strive to Emulate

social-media-marketing-twitter Celebrity and sports star’s have dominated the twitter favorites list. News outlets and sports channels dedicate entire segments to the latest Tweets. Twitter has fast become a household brand, yet for some its real usefulness for business remains elusive.

Learning the right way to use Twitter to benefit your business may not be as mysterious as you may think. Either by trying on your own to emulate some of the ideas in the following examples, or working with experts to help create an attractive, dynamic Twitter feed, it is possible to make Twitter work for your business.

The following examples of successful Twitter accounts is what I found to be a good lesson in Twitter cleverness, highlighting brilliant ideas that make people want to follow. You will notice that these Tweets are neither boring commercial subject matter; nor are they full of constant solicitations that nobody cares about. They are clever, funny, interesting, unique, and attractive. This is how it’s done.



Here is an example of a clever Twitter account that has one sole purpose: To alert Twitter users when they misspell “Sneak Peek” using “Sneak Peak”. Yes, read that again… got it now? If you look up this account you will notice he/ she has over 25,000 followers, and follows zero. The beauty of it is its all automated. It just runs all day looking for Tweets with the misspelling and then sends them a simple message. Brilliant! This is the type of thing that is not only fun and hilarious, but it is an awesome demonstration of how something that is simple, yet creative, can be successful.



This account utilizes humor and jokes to get people to follow the account and to click on the links in each Tweet. It uses one-liners from its eCard sites as the bulk of its Tweets. The links lead to eCard sites where the follower may find themselves suddenly shopping for eCards! Very smart indeed! When you are tweeting, you don’t want to be actively promoting your business. Instead, you want your tweets to be so entertaining that people find themselves shopping on your site without ever realizing it.


queen UK

A satirical Twitter feed pretending to be the Queen of England, (an obvious and respectful parody) which sends out hilarious comments on the personal affairs of the royal family — as if from the Queen herself. The interesting thing about this Twitter feed is that it has more followers than the real Queen’s Twitter feed! Yes… the Queen of England is on Twitter. While you don’t want to involve your business in contentious political issues or serious world events, having fun with celebrity drama and other non serious happenings can help to keep your business relevant.



This is “The Official Tweeter [sic] of Awesomeness” – meaning, this is Skittles actual official Twitter account. Its brilliantly follows its TV ad themes with quirky humor and subtle self-promotion. The optimal way to promote your business is to make all of your marketing techniques work together in unison. If your business has a certain style of presentation and writing, then make sure that is reflected in your tweets.



The official Dominos Pizza Twitter account utilizes pictures, videos, funny quips and more importantly, engagement with their Twitter followers enticing them to Tweet about Dominos. If you are going to be on Twitter with your business, you need to be prepared to go all out. This means that you are not only going to use every available source of media, but that you respond to all of those who follow and tweet about your business. By getting involved in the online community, people will more easily recognize and remember your business and the things that you offer.

A common thread in all of these Twitter accounts is using clever, intelligent ways to make the account worth following. These accounts also teach aspiring Twitterers to avoid boring self-promotion, but rather offer engaging content that gets real followers interacting. If you study these successful accounts, you will learn a great deal about marketing and, specifically, how to use Twitter to market your business successfully.


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