Video Presentation Tips To Improve Your Online Demo Reel

Having an online video showcasing your skills can be the ticket to ongoing consulting projects and new business. Creating an engaging video that demonstrates you are an expert in your field will set you apart from your competition and make a lasting impression.

Video presentation tips:

  1. Do scripting prior to shooting your business-reel. It will help you get clear on your key messages, and stay on point. Keep it short and do not jump topics.
  2. Check your background, it must be congruent with your key messages. It should add to your brand and increase trust signals. Protip: incorporate some subtle form of product placement in the background.
  3. Do a few run-throughs before you film. It will help reduce the number of speech flubs, and will warm up your vocals, face and jaw. To reduce tension, try and make yourself laugh prior to filming your video demo reel.
  4. Manage your first impressions and know your lines. You look the part, as your charisma and presentation is 50% of your message. Is your clothing and setting must be congruent with your key messages and topic.
  5.  Good lighting is essential and lights are one of the best investments you can make in a video production. Don’t have your back to a window and use more front lighting than you think is necessary. Lighting is your friend on video, it can make you look great.
  6. Watch out for excessive body movement and keep your hands calm. When people are excited, or anxious they can have a tendency to shift our body weight, or move around which is distracting to your viewer. Excessive movement on camera will upstage you every time, so remain in a relatively fixed position.
  7.  Time your video for short attention spans and 5 minutes or less videos work well.
  8.  Remember you are the star so be yourself and speak enthusiastically. Be genuine, warm, engaging and don’t forget to Smile it’s your best asset.

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