Website Monitoring Service: Essential For Stability and SEO

In proper web performance monitoring, its very first and, perhaps, most critical role is to keep an eye on the website externally. What this simply means is that its primary objective must be to closely monitor the user experience in exactly how an end user experiences. Being able to know the fundamental cause is certainly a good thing; however, such analysis has to be performed as early and as quickly as possible – this is the main difference that separates an ordinary web monitoring service to that of an ideal one.

A fast website will get a better search engine ranking, so you should be continually monitoring your server performance to ensure there are no problems that could affect indexing and ranking.

There are a handful of qualities in which a good website monitoring service must have and some of these include the following:

–    The web monitoring service must have the capacity to monitor and check your website with the use of a real web browser. This will help make it possible for you to analyze as well as assess like a true Internet user.
–    The ideal service will have not just one, but multiple data centers positioned at different regions across the globe. This will make it possible to monitor and test your site at various locations.
–    To script all the transactions from your website and record any failures.
–    Offers 24/7 clock technical support in order to aid you into acquiring all the skills and expertise needed as well as to help observe your website properly.

Regularly check the internal state of your website applications with the use of server load as well as monitoring testing tools. There are a lot of things which needs to be observed as well as tested and these include HTTP status, HTTP load, port accessibility, open connection, database load, query latency, queries per second, amount of worker processes, error rate, error percentage and server accessibility (PING, SSH, etc.).

Non-stop web monitoring has to be performed in order to ensure proper website performance. Being well able to take a look at your website and determine traffic and entire system functioning is extremely crucial. A truly efficient website monitoring occurs at various levels in order to really make sure that a site is readily accessible and running flawlessly.

Monitoring your website will ensure that it will not hinder any SEO efforts you are undertaking by keeping barriers and dropped packers from affecting search engine spiders.

Some commercial web monitoring services:


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