Free Clock From We Build Pages

cvos immitating flavor flav

Oh yeah, Jim Boykin and the crew from sent out free clocks and I had to take a photo of mine. WeBuildPages is a link baiting firm that is run by the self proclaimed link ninja, and has been providing high end link building campaigns since 2001. I’m a big fan of linkbuilding through social networks and targeted exchanges and WBP has some cool tools that allow you to analyze your incoming links and backlink anchor text.

flavor flav
Who can say no to free swag, and besides, having a clock hanging on my neck makes me look like Flavor Flav. My next post will be both me and Jim with these SEO clocks around our necks. That would be a great photo.

I think I’ll stick to SEO instead of rap, even though Flava’ was the king of style in the 90’s.


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