Yahoo Removes All Advertising

Yahoo is beginning to look a lot like Google, they are going for an ad free text only homepage. This is what I see on the homepage today:

yahoo homepage without ads

Actually Yahoo still has ads on their homepage, I just don’t see them as I use the adblock extension for firefox. Whoever redesigned this needs to seriously consider users who use ad blocking software. For those of you who miss the advertising heavy Yahoo homepage you can still see it here.


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  1. I used to use adblock, but then I found OpenDNS It’s a DNS service you have your router point to instead of using your own ISPs. It’s free and you can use it to filter traffic, but my favorite feature is you can blacklist whatever domains/urls you want. So I blacklist the biggest ad servers and that eliminates more than half the ads online. I have it so probably 80% of the ads on Yahoo don’t ever show up no matter what browser I use.

    I don’t block text ad services though….those don’t bother me – just the graphical ones.

    Have a look at it, I swear by it!

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