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Everyone talks about social networking, social marketing and online collaboration and these topics get lumped into the broad category web 2.0.

Ztail is putting money where your social mouth is and has created a website to share pricing information for everything.

Ztail screenshot Curious what your 1987 nintendo NES is worth? Wondering if you could actually sell your pair of Blu Blocker sunglasses on ebay and make a profit? Do legos hold their value? Post your product online at Ztail and get a valuation.

To post an item for appraisal you can either enter a description manually, or search through a database of over 1 million products provided by Shopping.com. Ztail uses third party sources including ebay.com to display photos, descriptions, reviews and current pricing data. Next, the item is added to Ztail’s “Get Worth” pool, displaying the item to other users who can provide their pricing opinions. Sellers can also create a Ztail widget, which can be embedded in the usual locations including facebook, blogs and other social networks to collect valuation opinions of friends.

After establishing a price, Ztail allows sellers to sell an item on eBay using established listing detail. This seems to be a no brainer: upload a product to get real world pricing data, then automatically post the item to ebay for sale. This should dramatically increase the effectiveness of auctions.

Ztail makes money from display ads, but I suspect the majority of their revenue is from the Ebay partner network and their encouragement of listing items for sale. They solve many problems with a variable pricing marketplace and enable transactions.

If they added their own affiliate program and an API to share data this would be one killer app.

Read more from the Ztail blog DemoGirl and TC.


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