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I missed this news that was announced today, thankfully LZZR had a keen eye on the search engine press releases.

At the request of WhiteHat SEO community on April the 1st this year all major search engines including Google, Yahoo and MSN Live declared their joint support for a newly developed XFN standard.
The new attribute rel=follow is designed to complement the notorious rel=nofollow. However unlike nofollow attribute rel=follow is designed to express not negative but positive relationship between a linking website and a website rel=follow link points to.

Henceforth, the rel=follow tag will be in place, allowing savvy SEO’s to extract 2x the benefit off each link. So now rather than using this standard link code: we can use and spiders will follow our links twice as fast as before!

Thanks to Andy Beard for spotting it.

8 Responses to “Do Follow Tag Introduced”

  1. Andy Beard Says:

    I did specifically bold the date in the text

  2. admin Says:

    Yep, April 1 🙂

  3. mlankton Says:

    So fill us in, after 6 months of dofollow, how did the positives stack up against the negatives?

  4. Mae Russell Says:

    This is a great notice. For a while now, do follow tags are very important for SEO. Although when you submit to article sites with a link back to your site, they do not allow it. Sad.

  5. Katelynn Hentschel Says:

    Do you think the dofollow tag has really helped internet marketers?

  6. Samantha Says:

    is the new attribute rel=follow are same with rel=dofollow, we are trying to test pagerank sculpting.

  7. sally Says:

    The dofollow tag is old news, but it can still be used to boost ranking.

  8. dulcea ingersoll Says:

    But the nofollow tag has been in use for several years now, while pagerank is on the way out.

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