Yahoo Site Explorer Down? The Beginng of YaBing

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YaBing I have been trying to use Yahoo Site Explorer to search for backlinks all day, and it has not been working. We have known about the pending changes to Yahoo this summer as they are consumed and destroyed integrated with Microsoft’s Bing. This merger was announced nearly exactly 1 year ago as a strategic move by Yahoo and Bing that I am calling YaBing.

The unwritten reasons for the YaBing merger

  1. The new Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz needed to do something to justify her hefty 47mm pay package, so she signed away Yahoo’s future to secure hers.
  2. Microsoft has been desperate to compete with Google for nearly 10 years, and would give away nearly anything to beat them. Thanks to the unfortunate hiring of Mrs. Bartz, Microsoft got Yahoo’s hard earned online traffic and respect at a very low valuation.
  3. Google has been dominating the web for the past decade, and the only real way to challenge them is for the second place participants to join forces. Competition is almost always a good thing, and I really look forward to seeing how google responds to some healthy competition.

Below is a random search for links on YSE

yahoo site-explorer down

Another great open feature bites the dust; RIP Yahoo Site Explorer.

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22 Responses to “Yahoo Site Explorer Down? The Beginng of YaBing”

  1. Segoviano Says:

    very informative blog post about the coming changes to Yahoo. It is so sad to see them the original web directory pioneer into a boring news aggregator.

  2. bbriniotis Says:


    Yahoo Site Explorer seems to work just fine today. Let’s hope that yahoo will maintain this great feature.

    Best Regards,
    Vasilis Vryniotis

  3. AgrariNet Says:

    Right now Site Explorer is down for maintenance, I hope it will be back online soon.

  4. Lynwood Formosia Says:

    Hello, im really excited about trying YSE before Bing finally shuts it down.

  5. Pilar Trebesch Says:

    I’m a recent grad just trying to learn more about the SEO business and I didn’t know about the Yahoo site research.

  6. Berniece Gazda Says:

    I’m a student just trying to learn more about the social media space and I really enjoyed reading your article about Yahoo and their link tools.

  7. Edie Mascola Says:

    thanks for letting us know about the problems with Y site explorer.

  8. CVOS Says:

    @bbriniotis Yes, YSE seems to be back up, but with Bing taking over the search algorithm, there is no guarantee this link tool will remain available.

  9. Maxima Dumeny Says:

    I just love your Yahoo write-ups! 🙂 Yabing is hilarious.

  10. bogdan Says:

    It’s quite annoying this issue. When siteexplorer is down I usually use other software, however quite limited ones..
    Now is up though…

  11. clarkidell Says:

    Well this is kind of alarming, im gonna keep myself posted about Yahoo so i’ll be aware of future developments. Thanks for letting us know!

  12. GM Says:

    look like is down again, any one have any news about it ?

  13. brandy Says:

    Its down for me as well. I sure hope it comes back online. I really dont want to pay for link information 🙁

  14. google ubersetzer Says:

    im really excited about trying YSE before Bing finally shuts it down.

  15. ooty Says:

    If its always down than its good because competitors can’t see your links.

  16. jay eshkhandor Says:

    Nice post. Thanks for giving me updated information on Yahoo site explorer.

  17. Maquetador Says:

    Nowadays yahoo site explorer is online. I like to link analysis

  18. sam smyth Says:

    Today i noticed yahoo backlink checker was not working, all links gone from many websites, anyone any idea whats going on? another update or what?

  19. Yang Suh Says:

    Yahoo Site Explorer seems to work just fine today. Let’s hope that yahoo will maintain this great link analysis feature.

  20. akanszman Says:

    Great, now we will never get to use the best part of yahoo search.

  21. 保險 Says:

    Yahoo site explorer is still important for asia SEO where yahoo JP and yahoo cn and HK still use yahoo search as their primary engine (thus no bing integration yet) !

  22. Dorris Says:

    i stumbled on an individual’s yahoo review and have been trying to decide if Yahoo SEO is worth it.

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