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Examing The Sub-Prime Mortgage Bust

The BBC has a very good documentary on the financial events leading up to the current credit crunch and banking crisis. This video is UK centric but is relevant to the United States credit crisis

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Dubai Skyscraper with Rotating Floors

Ever have the feeling that the US is falling behind on technology and innovation? Italian architects and building engineers have one upped the world with a dynamic skyscraper prototype that has articulated floors. Each floor

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I have to admit i have not seen any ROI from Some merchants may have great success with this pay per click shopping engine, but I’m leery of using this service. There is very

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Making A Run For President

It was so easy to make a presidential bid I decided there was no reason not to try. With the internet and a little online optimization the barriers to the highest office in the land

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SearchKing Lives to Spam Again

I got a pleasant visit from the past in my inbox this morning and a reminder that the web changes, but cannot get rid of its past. Failed business and empty handed CEO’s may hibernate,

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Group or Solo SEO

Many professional search engine optimization consultants choose to have a solo practice. Noteworty solo SEO’s are Graywolf, Stuntdbl, & SEObook. There are also a lot of excellent firms who provide search engine optimization services including

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Buying and Selling Domain Names

Fox news does a short story on the domain name aftermarket, and as usual offers marginal entertainment and little information. Not surprisingly this media company tells us that sex sells, specifically sold for 12

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